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M A Y   T H E   S C A L E   B E   E V E R   I N   Y O U R   F A V O R

ENROLL:  12/31/13 - 1/31/14

For those of you planning a weight loss resolution in 2014….we have the contest for you: 

TEAM Lean – The Hunger Games!


Challenge 1:  January 1st thru March 31st  

Successfully complete Challenge 1 by losing 5% of your starting weight during our witnessed March 2014 weigh-ins.  Those who lose 5% in March will move on to Challenge 2!


Challenge 2:  April 1st thru June 30th

If you maintain your 5% weight loss during the June witnessed weigh-ins you will be entered into the reaping (drawing) for a chance at some great prizes:

****Challenge 2 - 5% losers will also receive a limited edition T-Shirt!****

·         5-$100 Visa Cards

·         5-$50 Visa Cards

·         5-$20 Gift Cards in the Company Store


Enrollment dates:  Now thru January 31st   

Enroll by following the enrollment steps below.  Please note that you will not be fully enrolled until you have emailed your witnessed starting weight to


Enrollment Instructions:

1.      Log-in to the iCare website. 

2.      Click "TLC:  Enroll Here" under the "Program" sidebar.  

3.      Click Enroll – Once enrolled online, move to step #4

4.      If you are an office employee at a Melton terminal, please weight in at the terminal and send your starting weight along with the name and phone number of your witness to 

5.      If you are not located at a Melton terminal, please weight-in and email your starting weight along with the name and phone number of your witness to  

6.      Game On!


Instructions for Logging Your Weight

1.      Log-in To the iCare Site:

2.      Click on “Weight Management”

3.      Click “Enter Your Weight”

4.      Enter your current weight and click “Submit”


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.




Bret Bringham

Wellness Manager



Health-Bent Paleo Recipes


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