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This weight-loss challenge is like no other we have every conducted:
  • You log your starting weight.
  • You set your own goal.
  • There is NO set end date.  
  • There are NO monetary rewards or incentives! (do you really need to be paid to lose weight?)
This challenge ends when the new Tulsa headquarters is occupied for one full week.  I will send out a final weigh-in email on Monday of "that" week.

Enrollment Instructions:
1.  Log-in to this site
2.  Click "TLC:  Enroll Here" under the "Program" sidebar.
3.  You can form a team or work alone.*
3.  Click Enroll
4.  Find a scale and then log your starting weight/height.
5.  Click "Save Starting Data"
6.  BOOM!  You are enrolled!

*If you creating a team, all of your team members must complete their enrollment individually.

Remember proper nutrition and adequate exercise are KEY!  Try downloading myfitnesspal to track your food.

Don't be discouraged if the scale doesn't move in the right direction - CALL ME FOR HELP! 
If you have any questions, please contact me anytime!

Bret Bringham
Wellness Manager


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